In technology, every day is going to showcase a new invention and a changing trend in the field. The same is the case in the field of web development and the agencies working in this area. Hence, to meet this fast changing pace of technology, the web development trends in Singapore change often.

The use of JavaScript is limited nowadays by almost all the leading web development agencies like MediaOne. Minimal usage of JavaScript while developing a website helps it load faster. Similarly, the usage of visuals and animations has also evolved in the current scenario as the same communicate more effectively in comparison to the earlier text based versions of the website.

Social media platform technologies are also evolving like any others. As there are already so many platforms available in the market where millions of subscribers are cross-linked with diversified people of the same interests, the top agencies in Singapore like MediaOne, are also welcoming ideas from the society to develop creative and innovative socializing corner through an interactive social media app.

A plain website without any graphics or visuals will never encourage visitors to stay long and you may lose the traffic gradually. Hence, if you really want to uplift your business online then you should have an attractive design and feel for your website.